In One Eye

Friday, October 21, 2005
I know that he hasn't been inappropriate with his players, and I know that an investigator has just cleared him, but Jack Cochran is still a scumbag.
An investigator for the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference reported Thursday she found no evidence that New London High School football coach Jack Cochran recruited players.

Last month, New Britain High School Principal Thomas Reale charged that Cochran approached three New Britain students about relocating to New London after Cochran accepted the head-coaching job there last March ...

Investigator Pat Llodra told the CIAC's board of control she found no evidence that Cochran initiated [the three players'] move to New London.

Llodra said she investigated the charges for 23 hours over the course of two weeks and interviewed 11 people, including players, coaches and administrators. She said she made two visits to each school.

She also interviewed Cochran, who denied ever asking or trying to influence Reed or other players to leave New Britain for New London.

Cochran could not be reached for comment Thursday.
The last paragraph is probably the least surprising. Cochran has always placed himself above the law or policy, and eventually it'll spell the end for him.

He's still being investigated by various entities—including the state attorney general. It may well turn out that recruiting players will be the least of his problems.