In One Eye

Sunday, March 30, 2003
Just checking around the Sunday papers ... Not a lot of good news to be had.

Newsday has another report on how the Bushies "played down [the] risks of war":
[A]dministration officials consciously downplayed the risks and trumpeted the benefits of military action during the run-up to war, when they needed to sell their policy to the public. Now that war has started - and many of their predictions have not materialized - these same officials have pivoted sharply and are working to lower expectations about the war's difficulty and duration.
Reuters is reporting that it'll be an "'Uphill battle'" to win Iraqi trust."

And from the Hartford Courant,
Top Army officers in Iraq say they now believe that they effectively need to restart the war. Before launching a major ground attack on Iraq's Republican Guard, they want to secure their supply lines and build up their own combat power. Some timelines for the likely duration of the war now extend well into the summer, they say.
Didn't see any of the talk shows. Assume the Bushies fell all over themselves this morning in trying to justify their ludicrous actions.