In One Eye

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
With Governor M. Jodi Rell about to announce her candidacy on Friday, one possible challenger to her has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Democrats' gubernatorial nomination.
[P]opular Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ... said Tuesday he will seek a fifth term as attorney general rather than run ... for governor in 2006.
Blumenthal's an interesting case. He and Chris Dodd are the most popular Democrats in the state, but logistics being what they are, the AG really doesn't have a place to go other than where he is. With Rell's popularity numbers in the stratosphere, he would have really taken a chance in trying to depose her. Both of the state's senators are Democrats, and in the name of party unity he wouldn't force a primary with either of them. (And even if he did challenge the state's junior senator and prevailed, the personality difference—though not the political difference—would be negligible.) So it looks like the Eliot Spitzer wannabe feels the safe approach is to stay where he is. Given the setup in Connecticut's politics, that strategy seems pretty reasonable to me.