In One Eye

Monday, October 10, 2005
Somehow I missed this excellent Nora Ephron piece of nearly a month ago wherein she asks whether it's "possible that the President and the Vice President have fallen out." Its highlight:
It’s always been clear to me that five years ago, when all those Republican guys got together and realized that George Bush could be elected president—and that he wasn’t remotely capable—they came to an understanding: they would walk him through it. I’m sure it seemed like a swell idea, especially because it meant that they’d be in a perfect position to convince him to do all sorts of exciting things they had always wanted to do.

Cheney was the point man. Cheney was the guy they put on Meet the Press. Cheney was the person who seemed always to be the first responder. Cheney was the official they put into the bunker last May when a plane flew too close to the White House; Bush, who was bicycling in Maryland, wasn’t even told about the episode until forty minutes after it was over. Even Laura Bush, who was in the bunker with Cheney, publicly questioned the decision to keep the President in the dark.
I have no comment on this other than to say that the past few weeks certainly have demonstrated the possibility of Ephron's assertions.

Ephron's conclusion is that Dear Leader is upset enough with the Veep to want to become his own man—and make the concomitant decisions that a president is supposed to make. If this is true, and GI George is really going to put himself in charge, we're in trouble—although it remains to be seen how much worse the administration's policies could be if the nominally elected president were really in control.