In One Eye

Sunday, October 16, 2005
Now that the baseball season has ended for me, I thought I'd watch a little football over the weekend. As the saying goes, I shoulda stood in bed.

On Saturday Dartmouth was grievously outplayed, and both Notre Dame (I've become a Notre Dame fan again because of their coach) and Penn State lost in the last seconds. Today New England's depleted Patriots demonstrated once again that they'll have a long season.

Oh well. There're a lot of leaves to rake now that the rain has finally ended.

(And on a more serious note, don't miss the attention Kevin Drum and Josh Marshall are giving to Plamegate. While it's too likely that Joe Sixpack will never understand the real danger to the republic this abominable episode represents, it's unfortunate that Pulitzer Prizes aren't awarded to bloggers because these guys are really following this story much better than any other writer is—with, of course, the obvious exception of the incomparable Mr. Rich:
Whether or not Mr. Fitzgerald uncovers an indictable crime, there is once again a victim, but that victim is not Mr. or Mrs. Wilson; it's the nation. It is surely a joke of history that even as the White House sells this weekend's constitutional referendum as yet another "victory" for democracy in Iraq, we still don't know the whole story of how our own democracy was hijacked on the way to war.))