In One Eye

Sunday, October 09, 2005
I'm finding that the news regarding Dear Leader is somewhat similar to the last days of our former unctuous governor. That is, everything seems to be imploding for the boy who would be king.

The Miers nomination is laughable, and anyone who supports it has absolutely no integrity and/or intelligence. (I'm talking to you, Hume.) The incredibly insular nomination is hauntingly reminiscent of the last days of Nixon and Governor Felonious when they felt they could trust only a handful of people. (Google "Baruch Korff" and "Jennifer Aniskovich" and you'll see what I'm referring to.)

The worst part, of course, is that Dear Leader thought that the nomination was a good thing after he had Karl Rove vet it with the heinous James Dobson. Even such moderates as Arlen Specter are upset with that apparent imprimatur.

And speaking of Rove, if he's not in jail by 2007, it'll only be because the American wheels of justice grind so slowly--or that he's been pardoned.

At any rate, the news is terrible for our beleaguered president, and it's no surprise that he's trying to distract everyone by talking about Iraq again--or has fallen off the wagon.