In One Eye

Thursday, September 22, 2005
This September has been the warmest on record--averaging just about what July and August did. We've had abnormally violent hurricanes.

Now, I'm not saying for certain that all of this is the result of global warming, but it sure does seem to quack like a duck.

Speaking of hurricanes, that's one of the concerns of Constitution State denizens as they argue against a
proposed natural gas terminal in the middle of Long Island Sound.

Sentiment [last night at Branford High School] was clearly against the gas plant, and federal officials remained steadfastly neutral. Coast Guard Capt. Peter Boynton, captain of the port of Long Island Sound, told the gathering in the high school auditorium he has received up to 160 letters a day from citizens and would try to respond to all of them. The Coast Guard is looking at such issues as marine firefighting capability, congestion, and the effect of potential accidents.
Given the destruction that Katrina wrought to similar oil facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, I'm not sure that it's a great idea to put such a highly flammable facility in Long Island Sound. But that's just the coward in me speaking.