In One Eye

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
This certainly comes as no surprise.
[Connecticut s]tate education officials have dumped a school testing contractor, canceling a $48 million contract with a company that ran into numerous delays and scoring problems a year ago on the Connecticut Mastery Test.

Just two years into its seven-year contract, California-based CTB/McGraw-Hill will end its work on the annual exam, the state's chief measure of educational progress for elementary and middle school students ...

To replace CTB/McGraw-Hill, the state has signed a five-year, $45.5 million contract with Measurement Inc., a North Carolina firm that has a long history of scoring writing tests for Connecticut. When CTB/McGraw-Hill ran into the scoring problems last year, it hired Measurement Inc. as a subcontractor to help score the tests.
After the unprecedented delays that occurred this past school year, the state really had no choice but to fire the publishing giant.

Having said that, we'll see how the new contractor does. A new version of the Connecticut Mastery Test will be administered this spring. It's problematic at this point as to whether a new scoring company will be prepared to handle the altered test.