In One Eye

Friday, September 23, 2005
Here's the latest from the outpatient files:
An elderly man was arrested at Bradley International Airport on Thursday after saying the word "bomb" in a hypothetical question to an airline gate agent, state police said.

Mahmoud Abouelleil, 68, of Farmington, missed his Northwest Airlines flight to Minneapolis shortly before 6 p.m., but his baggage made it onto the plane, state police said.

Authorities said Abouelleil then asked the airline gate agent, "What if there's a bomb in my bag?"

Officials ordered the plane back to the gate, and members of the state police bomb squad searched Abouelleil's bag. No bomb was found. The flight was delayed about two hours.
Ho-kaaay. Meets the racial profile, talks about a bomb: Just great.

Needless to say, "Abouelleil was charged with falsely reporting an incident. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Enfield Superior Court on Oct. 4."