In One Eye

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Not surprisingly, our former unctuous governor finds himself threatened with arrest this morning in re his sleazy post-resignation employment setup.
The state's top prosecutor has asked a judge for a warrant to arrest ex-Gov. John G. Rowland, now serving a federal prison sentence, on at least one state criminal charge of violating Connecticut's "revolving door" ethics law by his paid representation of Klewin Building Co. concerning a state contract.

... Chief State's Attorney Christopher L. Morano has requested the warrant and ... the application is awaiting consideration by a Hartford Superior Court judge ...

Rowland ... is taking the threat of state arrest seriously enough to assemble a defense team including Halloran and two other high-powered lawyers: former Democratic State Chairman John F. Droney of Farmington and Raymond Levites of Westport and New York, a former federal prosecutor.
Obviously, Governor Felonious should've pardoned himself when he had the chance. This strategy is apparently good enough for other low life Republican state executives.