In One Eye

Monday, August 01, 2005
Doug Bandow, one of those horrid free market apologists from the Cato Institute, nevertheless has an excellent article in this morning's taking Dear Leader to task over the morass that is Iraq.
The result of the administration's war of choice has been to make America far less secure. The president has involved the nation in a conflict that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld now warns could run a dozen years. Yet the military is badly stretched, with no relief in sight. The reserves are breaking, and recruiting is off even for the active forces: "We are getting toward the end of our capacity," warns retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey. It is hard to imagine the volunteer military surviving many years more of this war.

Unfortunately, Bush gives no evidence of recognizing his mistakes, let alone admitting his responsibility.
What Bandow would like GI George to do is apologize; in fact, it's the article's mantra as Bandow states "The president should apologize" twice in stand alone paragraphs.

I suppose an apology would be all right, but the truth of that matter is that we're way past the apology stage of this fiasco. Only if an apology were coupled with a complete repudiation of the inane policies that triggered this invasion (and I'm thinking specifically of the hideous National Security Strategy of the United States of America) and an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq would such a statement have any meaning.