In One Eye

Thursday, July 28, 2005
Yet another anti-middle class law was passed by the Washington oligarchs in the dark of night. CAFTA, which will only exacerbate the ills of its predecessor, NAFTA, was passed by the House by a whopping 217-215 margin.

It's worthy of note that, like the ill-begotten prescription drug bill, an end run was made around the rules so that this egregious legislation could pass.
When the usual 15-minute voting period expired at 11:17 p.m., the no votes outnumbered the yes votes by 180 to 175, with dozens of members undeclared. House Republican leaders kept the voting open for another 47 minutes, furiously rounding up holdouts in their own party until they had secured just enough to ensure approval.
Just another day—or should I say night?—in Washington: The middle class suffers, and the plutocrats snicker all the way to the bank.