In One Eye

Friday, July 29, 2005
Two items from this morning's Courant's op-ed page:

First, Molly Ivins notes what little we know about John Roberts:
He's defended the often violent Operation Rescue. He went to Florida to advise Gov. Jeb Bush during the 2000 election recount. Other Federalists, Timothy Flanigan (who's now in confirmation hearings for deputy attorney general) and Ted Olson (who became solicitor general of the United States) signed on to the brief to convince the Supremes to stop the count in Florida and install Bush. It's all classic right-wing judicial activism - the very "activism" they complain bitterly about if it doesn't fit their radical agenda.
She's also perturbed about the White House's refusal to release documents related to Roberts' tenure as a government lawyer.
Excuuuuuse me, that is public record. Roberts worked for us, he was paid by the taxpayers. This is not a matter of national security. Where does this White House get off pulling this kind of stuff? Right away, it looks like they're trying to cover something up. Lawyer-client privilege? Are they nuts? Of course we're entitled to know what the man's public record is.
Meanwhile, a teacher from a private school in southern New Jersey bemoans his lot.
[J]ust about now, midsummer, my family hits a depression.

Early in June, fiscal growth slows and spending comes to a near halt. I do teach summer school, but the pay rate is less than half my normal salary.

Sure, we tuck some money under the mattress throughout the school year for the rainy day that is June, July and August, but that little cushion has a funny way of losing its stuffing every time we change the sheets. "Wouldn't it be nice if," begins the conversation.

"We'll just take a little," it continues. "We'll make sure to replace it," we vow. The cushion ends up being just about enough to cover the bills. There are no extras.
Given that evidently the author's wife has chosen not to work, that he probably lives in school-provided housing, that his children no doubt go to this fairly exclusive school for reduced rates, if they pay any tuition at all, the newspaper is bound to get letters.