In One Eye

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Today's the day that the powers that be from Connecticut attempt to convince the Base Realignment and Closure Commission to keep open the Groton sub base and concomitant services.

Governor Rell is in there swinging:
"It's wrong for our country, it's wrong for our Navy, it's wrong for our national defense and homeland security, and it's wrong for Connecticut." Gov. M. Jodi Rell said [in her opening statement to the commission].
It's nice that the governor is pointing out what's wrong about the decision, but it's been up to John Markowicz to call a spade a spade regarding the process.
The chairman of Connecticut's effort to save Groton's submarine base accused the Pentagon on Wednesday of predetermining which bases it wanted to close, then crafting data standards to accomplish those goals.
This tendency on the part of the Bushies to take facts and fix them around a predetermined policy is, unfortunately, all too typical in how they do things.