In One Eye

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
This from Sunday's Style section of the New York Times:
While flags proliferated in lapels after 9/11 on everyone from delivery men to news anchors, it was Washington that most heartily embraced them, at least until recently. For some in politics, the flag is still part of an everyday uniform, attached to every business suit for every public event. But for a growing number of others, the flag pin is now but an optional flourish, reserved for specific occasions, like a boutonniere worn to a prom or a baseball cap worn to work on game day.
Needless to say, the neo-fascists will continue to wear theirs since patriotism=Bushism for these idiots.
Scott McClellan, the White House spokesman (who always wears the pin on camera), acknowledged a decline in flag pin wearing in the general political populace.

But he recoiled from the suggestion that it stemmed from any shifting sentiment in the electorate. Could it reflect a drop in support for the administration? Dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq?

"I don't know of anyone who's looked at it in that way," Mr. McClellan said. "I continue to wear it because it's a nice way to show continued support for our troops on a time of war."
Well, of course he doesn't know of anybody who sees the decrease in flag pin wearing as some sort of statement of dissatisfaction with the current administration. Let's face it: Whom does he talk to?

This is certainly a fashion statement that I won't miss.