In One Eye

Saturday, July 09, 2005
This appears to be the latest regarding Connecticut's suit against the feds over the No Child Left Behind Act:
Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Tuesday she supports a lawsuit against the federal government over the No Child Left Behind act.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal proposed the lawsuit earlier this year and the legislature approved it in the early morning hours during a special session last week.

"I'm inclined to sign it," Rell said Tuesday of the bill authorizing the litigation. "I talked to Dick (Blumenthal) last week. I haven't read the bill yet."

Rell had previously expressed some reservations about litigation, but was also critical of the cost of initiatives that the federal act imposes on local school systems.
Indeed, a few months ago, the governor wanted everybody to play nice-nice and avoid what had already become a serious bone of contention. Now, however, it looks as if the money has talked (implementation of the additional testing mandated by the US Education Department will cost the state approximately $41 million), and the Republican governor has been forced to sanction the Democrat attorney general's lawsuit.

No matter what Rell's reason, it's good to see that the lawsuit will have the beneficial imprimatur of the state's legislature and governor.