In One Eye

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Readers of this blog may know that the only state Republican legislator I have any faith in is Bob Ward from North Branford. Once again, he's shown that he knows what's going on.
The top Republican in the state House of Representatives was gathering support Tuesday for a bill that would ban eminent domain for economic development projects.

By mid-afternoon, House Minority Leader Robert Ward, R-North Branford, had collected about two dozen signatures from House members, including Republicans and some Democrats. All support voting on the legislation during a possible summer session planned in the coming weeks to consider bills vetoed by the governor.
I don't exactly know how one gets around a US Supreme Court decision, but this is at least an attempt to do so. Ultimately, I don't think it'll go anywhere because I don't think the state's clubwoman of a governor will sanction it, thinking that it's too provocative.