In One Eye

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Once again, GI George has demonstrated how utterly clueless he is.
President Bush used his annual Independence Day speech to pay homage to America's fighting men and women and to urge the nation to remain firmly behind the effort in Iraq.

In an appearance at West Virginia University, he acknowledged that continued violence in Iraq has been "hard for a compassionate nation to watch." But he compared today's hardships to those faced by Americans of past generations, including those who declared the country independent and fought the Revolutionary War 229 years ago.

"During that hot summer in Philadelphia more than 200 years ago, from our desperate fight for independence to the darkest days of a civil war, to the hard-fought battles of the 20th century, there were many chances to lose our heart, our nerve or our way," he said. "But Americans have always held firm, because we have always believed in certain truths: We know that the freedom we defend is meant for all men and women, and for all times."
Could this moron misread history any more egregiously? Americans of 1776 were faced with an invading army from the world's most dominant empire and successfully combatted same with what were for the most part guerilla tactics. That's pretty much identical to the current Iraq situation, but it's not Americans who've been placed in this situation.

Dear Leader had better be careful when he's talking about who's holding firm in the face of an invasion. He'll find that many people will find the Iraq invasion analogous to the American Revolution, but not in the way he sees it.