In One Eye

Thursday, July 14, 2005
Obviously the big story in the blogosphere I inhabit is the Rove/Plame incident. But now, the theme has changed: Now the blogs have to do with the Republican circling of the wagons in order to protect Bush's brain.

The modus operandi is the same as it's been for at least the last fifteen years. Let Josh Marshall explain it:
Now we can see in full view what we've seen again and again in recent years, the favored tactic: terror by grand moral inversion, the lie so total and audacious that it almost knocks opponents off their feet ...

And so here now. Wilson, a whistleblower administration officials were trying to punish? A whistleblower calling out White House manipulated intelligence during the lead-up to war?

Not at all. Rove was the whistleblower trying to knock down a campaign of disinformation from Joe Wilson. The audacity of it is enough to knock some people off their feet. Like I said, terror by grand moral inversion.
And, of course, the problem is that this and other big lies are promoted on all the talk shows (Matthews, Hannity, et al), and suddenly they become true in many viewer's eyes.

Meanwhile, those of us who'd like to think we can differentiate between reality and spin "beat on, boats against the current," hoping for a better future.