In One Eye

Thursday, July 07, 2005
It's been quite a day in the blogosphere and for talking heads. Yes, from Kevin Drum's plea for equanimity to Fox News' Brian Kilmeade statement that the London attacks were actually good things, it's been quite the day.

Personally, I think Josh Marshall said it best in discussing the Bush apologists' view of the London bombings as a justification for the Iraq debacle.
[W]ith respect to the folks who want to lasso this into a pillar of support for a disastrous policy in Iraq, frankly, we already knew terrorism was real. Most people are sick to death of our bumbling in Iraq because it's distracted us from actually defending ourselves.

The immediate answer to this is to hunt down the people immediately responsible, root out the primarily-non-state terror networks that support, plan and make these attacks possible and start getting about serious homeland defense -- port security, rail security, nuclear power plant security.

On that last count, what we've accomplished in the US over the last few years has been painfully inadequate, largely because of our focus on nation-states that have only a tenuous connection to this threat ...
And with that in mind, may tomorrow be a better day than this one was.