In One Eye

Thursday, July 07, 2005
I just finished reading a very nicely written biography of Charles Darwin (referred to here), and so stuff like this drives me nuts.
[I]f a bill before [Pennsylvania's] House Subcommittee on Basic Education becomes law, school boards in Pennsylvania would be permitted to require science teachers to teach an alternative to evolution known as "intelligent design."

That theory argues that the complexity and order of the natural world are the product not of evolution but of an "intelligent designer."
What nonsense. It's obviously old wine in a new bottle. The notion of "creationism" has been derogated to the point of extinction, so this crap about "intellgent design" becomes the mantra for the evangelical morons. This eighty years after the Scopes trial, which, one would have hoped, put all this nonsense to rest.

As a very good editorial notes,
To read what [H.L.] Mencken wrote in the Baltimore Sun on the eve of the Scopes trial is to see how little has changed in 80 years.

"Every step in human progress, from the first feeble stirrings in the abyss of time, has been opposed by the great majority of men. Every valuable thing that has been added to the store of man's possessions has been derided by them when it was new, and destroyed by them when they had the power. They have fought every new truth ever heard of, and they have killed every truth-seeker who got into their hands. The so-called religious organizations who now lead the war against the teaching of evolution are nothing more, at bottom, than conspiracies of the inferior man against his betters."

It's hard to say what's more saddening - that people still behave that way or that newspapers don't print reporting like that anymore.