In One Eye

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
I got into a conversation with our hosts in Vacationland yesterday morning, proposing a pool to see how many e-mails would be in my Yahoo! bulk (spam by any other name) mailbox when I returned from the few days up north. Alas, no one took me up on it. (For what it's worth, I guessed 411.)

During these dog days of late July, readers of this blog are invited to guess how many e-mails were in my Yahoo! bulk mailbox when I returned from Maine yesterday around supper time. I left on 0900 on Saturday and returned at around 6:00 last night. That's a total of 81 hours without checking the mailbox.

A prize (specifically, one adult beverage of the winner's choice) will be awarded to the person guessing the closest without going over the actual number (à la Price is Right). One guess per entrant, please. The "contest," such as it is, will close at noon on Friday, July 29.

Good luck.