In One Eye

Sunday, July 31, 2005
The former Texas Cub Scout speaks:
Succeeding on his third try to visit them, President Bush comforted thousands of Boy Scouts on Sunday at a national jamboree marred by the electrocutions of four leaders and stifling heat that sickened 300.

"The men you lost were models of good citizenship," Bush told the estimated 50,000 Scouts, leaders and visitors attending the event near Bowling Green, Va ...

"As scout leaders, they devoted themselves to helping young men develop the character and skills they need to realize their dreams. These men will always be remembered for their leadership and kindness,and you scouts honor them by living up to the ideals of the Scouting they served."
Is anybody else disgusted by the fact that our glib president is willing and able to eulogize some apparently incompetent Boy Scout leaders while he has yet to attend any ceremonies for deceased Iraq invasion veterans?

While I'm on the subject of Iraq, I saw an excellent play this morning about a Vietnam protest set in May, 1970. It was eerily similar to the concerns of today and strengthened my belief that there really isn't much difference between the moronic thinking that went into the invasions of Iraq and Vietnam.