In One Eye

Friday, July 29, 2005
Did he or didn't he?
On "The Tonight Show" Wednesday, [Jay Leno] showed videotape of the president leaving a meeting with congressional Republicans on Capitol Hill earlier in the day and passing by a clutch of reporters shouting questions on the fate of the Central American trade pact. On the video, Bush striding away from the camera suddenly thrusts his right hand into the air and extends a finger—precisely which one was unclear. White House officials yesterday said it was his thumb.
The thumb, according to various Republican apologists, signified Dear Leader's satisfaction at the passage of the CAFTA bill.

This episode has gotten some play on some blogs, but not the biggies. See a tape of the incident here and decide for yourself.

UPDATE — After examining the tape by stopping it in mid-gesture, I've come to the conclusion that he really is giving a thumbs up sign.