In One Eye

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Like the New York Times, which tried to kick Frank Rich upstairs to its Arts and Leisure department a few months ago, the Hartford Courant relegated one of its most liberal columnists, Frank Horgan, to the travel section recently.

While Rich was usually able to dovetail his political feelings with an arts topic, Horgan has had no such pretensions. This morning, he lets the Bushies have it regarding the Iraq fiasco while comparing it to another conflict where the US never should have gotten involved.
Once more we are visited with the Vietnam era baloney of a wonderful war, soldiers used as political props and the kidney-punching of the "Nervous Nellies" who oppose it while, actually, seeing it for what it is.

The vice president ("fevered" to have this war in the words of none other than Colin Powell, who knows something of war and, as such, was not at all fevered to have another one for nothing) says it is all-but over. The generals, whose soldiers are dying, beg to differ. The president and others who did the Wizard of Oz number to create a war where there was no need for one aren't landing on aircraft carriers anymore but, to hear them tell it, victory in Iraq is just around the corner; there's a light at the end of their tunnel. The secretary of defense now says the tunnel is about 10 years long. While they tell us that war is peace they lard it up with self-congratulations that everything's going swimmingly and that we are making great strides in repairing the damage we did in the first place. That is called "progress."
While this is all pretty self-evident, it 's nice to see it in print since it demonstrates the disaffection now pervasive in the US.

I suppose it can be argued that Iraq and Vietnam are travel destinations, and so Horgan is justified in putting this under the umbrella of a travel column. However, that's obviously a reach, and I don't know how the powers that be at the Courant are reacting to this.