In One Eye

Thursday, June 30, 2005
I see that our rocket scientist of a president is at it again.
President Bush said in a Danish TV interview aired Thursday that adhering to the Kyoto treaty on climate change would have "wrecked" the U.S. economy.

"Kyoto would have wrecked our economy. I couldn't in good faith have signed Kyoto," Bush told the Danish Broadcasting Corp., noting that the treaty did not include other nations — including India and China — that he called "big polluters."

... He also [said] more study is needed to determine whether human activity is primarily to blame for rising temperatures.
More faith-based science. When evidence clearly demonstrates that fossil fuels have created an increase in the planet's temperatures, the former Harken executive maintains that "more study" is necessary to prove this truism. (Of course, the Harvard MBA's own economic policies have done more than anything to wreck what was once a vibrant economy. Turning a $5.6 billion surplus into a $5.2 billion deficit in a mere four years is no mean feat—and no additional study is needed to support the veracity of those numbers.)

Ho hum. All of this is no surprise, of course.

At least, more and more people seem to be understanding the real danger this cretin presents.