In One Eye

Saturday, May 14, 2005
With every newspaper in America—the closings are so extensive that there's not a major or minor metropolitan area not affected—highlighting the closing of myriad military bases in the United States, Connecticut's papers are no exception.

In general, it's interesting that the blue states seem to have been hit the hardest in the closings, while red states, though not unscathed, certainly aren't suffering the same potential losses as their northern neighbors. While the executive branch seems to have had nothing to do with the creation of the list, it's an interesting coincidence.

Be that as it may, Connecticut's politicians are falling all over themselves in their defense of keeping the Groton sub base and school open. One reader of this blog asked if Senator Sanctimony might want to re-evaluate his loyalty to the Bushies given the presence of the sub base on the list. While that's a good question, the politician who is really in trouble is Rob Simmons, congressman from Connecticut's 2nd district—which includes the southeastern portion of the state. He pretty much won re-election in 2004 on a promise to keep the Groton sub base open. That promise seems especially empty now. Should Groton appear on the final DOD closings list, Simmons will be done for.