In One Eye

Thursday, May 12, 2005
Today's sign that we have become a society of men and not of laws:
Using a reinterpretation of a Watergate-era law, a U.S. appeals court threw out a lawsuit against Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday. The court ruled that Mr. Cheney was free to meet in secret with energy industry lobbyists in 2001 while creating the President's energy policy.

Two disparate groups, The Sierra Club, a liberal environmental group, and Judicial Watch, ... alleged that the vice president violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act: When top executive officials seek outside advice, they must do so in public, not behind closed doors.

The 1972 law was cited by the same appeals court during the Clinton administration. The court said outside participants who met with Hillary Clinton's health policy task force were "de facto members" of the group, so the public had a right to know about the meetings.
So Hillary was forced to disclose the members of her task force, but Cheney—with the same kind of membership—is not forced to disclose his.

As much as the Moonie Times sees this decision as a "victory for the rule of law," I can't see it as anything more than support for the Star Chamber mentality of the Bushies.