In One Eye

Friday, May 13, 2005
To show just how desperate the armed services have become,
The Army, faced with a severe and growing shortage of recruits, began offering 15-month active-duty enlistments nationwide Thursday, the shortest tours ever.
I don't blame the Army for this turn of events. Rather, the armed forces have had to react to a too typical mindset of the Bushies: Address (or, in more cases than not, create) a problem, but give absolutely no thought as to how to solve it. We saw this mentality occur with the ridiculous terror alerts where hysterical announcements were made with the invariable conclusion of "just go about your regular affairs."

Look, in a terror alert, you don't go about your regular affairs; that's the whole point of a terror alert—we certainly saw that people's routines changed (except, of course, for bicycling Bush) when the Pennsylvania Cessna made its way into DC airspace the other day.

Be that as it may, it's hard to believe the promise of a fifteen-month active hitch given the fact that Reserve and National Guard personnel have already had to serve longer than that due to the odious "stop-loss" clause.