In One Eye

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Sonocle sends along this article having to do with my favorite record producer.
Prosecutors can introduce evidence in Phil Spector's murder trial to try to show the famed music producer had a history of threatening women before he was charged with killing a B-movie actress in his home two years ago.

In issuing his ruling Monday, Superior Court Judge Larry P. Fidler acknowledged that allowing the evidence was "a dangerous path to go down," but concluded the incidents seemed to illustrate the state's theory.
The photo accompanying the article shows just how far the mighty have fallen.

It's no secret that the former wunderkind of Los Angeles has an affinity with guns. In one of the most celebrated incidents of the rock era, he pulled a gun on no less than the Ramones, who immediately decided that perhaps they could get along without the "Wall of Sound" master's tutelage.

If even the Ramones thought Spector was crazy, perhaps his sanity really is suspect.