In One Eye

Friday, May 27, 2005
Oh, this is rich:
Eight weeks into his stay in a federal prison camp, ex-Gov. John G. Rowland is taking satisfaction from teaching a class in job-hunting skills for about 25 prisoners nearing their dates of release, friends say.
Job hunting skills, eh? Now would those include crossing the prospective employer's palm with silver in order to get the sweetest deals?

I suppose this wouldn't be so offensive if our former unctuous governor hadn't gotten religion as a result of all of this.
One friend, who talked on condition of anonymity, said Rowland even sees a higher purpose in the teacher's role he has assumed during his confinement.

"I know it may sound hokey," said the friend, "but he's incredibly emotional in terms of his connection to his friends and family, and he's very spiritual in terms of what he's doing with these people and why he thinks it's important. ... He's thinking, 'There must be a reason I went through this.'"
Yeah, there's a reason, all right, and it has to do with the kickbacks that Johnny Handout insisted on taking during his gubernatorial tenure; it has to do with the state property he appropriated for himself and his family; it has to do with the obstruction of justice he perpetrated during the last ten years. If he thinks it has anything to do with anything else—like being incarcerated so that he can be of assistance to his fellow convicts—he's deluding himself worse than any contemporary Washington DC-based politico could ever do.