In One Eye

Thursday, May 05, 2005
Kevin Drum states a forgotten truism when he notes
[U]nions are the only truly effective check on the sine qua non of modern conservatism: corporate power. For all their faults — and they have plenty, just as corporations do — unions are the only organizations that have the power to bargain effectively for the interests of the middle class. Union power in the private sector began to wane in the 1970s, and it's not a coincidence that this was exactly the same time that middle class wages began to stagnate, CEO pay began to skyrocket, and income inequality began increasing inexorably ...

[T]here are plenty of cocktail party "new" Democrats who blithely think of unions as just another dinosaur special interest unsuited to politics in the 21st century. They should think again.
Indeed, the oligarchs will continue to ride roughshod over the rest of us until some kind of workers' organizations are re-established.

It seems a shame that those who literally gave their lives so that American workers could be protected at least for now seem to have done so in vain.