In One Eye

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
In Iraq, the country has a government in name only, and Kurds are now being blown to bits. Yet, the only problem Dear Leader seems to be able to see has to do with his broker friends not lining their pockets enough.
I believe the job of a President is to confront problems and not pass them on to future Presidents or future Congresses. I think you expect people in office, like me, if we see a problem, to deal with it, and not say, oh, it's too big a political risk to deal with it; or maybe, I don't feel like dealing with it; or maybe, somebody says I shouldn't deal with it. I believe you send people to office to say here is a problem and to take it on squarely. And that's exactly why I'm sitting here today in Canton, Mississippi, because I see a problem in Social Security. And I believe I have a duty as your President to talk about the problem and talk about the solution.
Besides the fact that this is just more promoting of the rape of the middle class, it shows that Iraq (a much more serious "problem" now that the Bushies have gummed it up) is not a problem that GI George is willing to confront given the fact that things aren't going well there.

Typical Bush pathology: Walk away from an issue as soon as it becomes apparent that it can't be handled with military might and facile platitudes.