In One Eye

Friday, May 06, 2005
Another example of Tucker Carlson's idiocy:
Amid reports that the Army withheld information and destroyed evidence related to the death in Afghanistan of former Army Ranger and Arizona Cardinals football player Pat Tillman, MSNBC host-to-be Tucker Carlson said: "I doubt anybody holds it against the Pentagon for not releasing that." In fact, both Tillman's family and members of Congress have expressed concern about the military's slow release of information regarding Tillman's death.

[According to the Washington Post], a new Army report documented that the Army investigator who looked into Tillman's death "found within days that he was killed by his fellow Rangers in an act of 'gross negligence,' but Army officials decided not to inform Tillman's family or the public until weeks after a nationally televised memorial service." The report also stated that evidence in the case was destroyed: [As CNN tells it,] Tillman's "uniform and body armor were burned a day after he was killed -- and before investigators had determined he was shot by his fellow soldiers."
He's cute, he wears a bow tie, but he's an insensitive jerk. What he did with the story of the Paul Wellstone funeral (among others) was reprehensible. The man is no more than Ann Coulter with a Y chromosome.