In One Eye

Thursday, May 05, 2005
All the news is pretty much irking me today and this is no exception:
The communication director of the 1.3-million-member United Church of Christ is questioning a decision by ABC television to allow James Dobson's Focus on the Family to air two commercials during the network’s season finale of "Supernanny" on May 2.

In an Associated Press story, Focus on the Family’s president and CEO, Jim Daly, said the spots were an attempt by his organization to offer "faith-based" advice on parenting, despite the fact that ABC executives have twice denied recent similar requests by the UCC to purchase network time as part of its national advertising campaign.
I'm pretty much mad at everybody in this episode: Focus on the Family for being the morons they are, ABC for joining the evangelical theocracy, and the UCC for being so namby pamby about this.

What's this nonsense about "questioning" the decision? As John Aravosis of AmericaBlog says,
If I were the UCC, I'd be setting ABC up for a massive federal lawsuit based on religious discrimination. TV networks like ABC can't pick and choose which religions they like based on the political flavor of the day. Even more worrisome, we are witnessing the exact same thing Microsoft did to gays a few weeks ago. Corporate America, the media, our politicians, are chucking liberalsim, civil rights, progressive values and advocates thereof overboard in an effort to suck up to the radical right and their administration currently in power.

The only way to stop it is to make the radical right and their benefactors lose at the ballot box and the schoolhouse door, and to ensure that companies like ABC and Microsoft pay such a high price for their bigotry that it is never repeated again.

UCC, sue ABC's ass off, and join us in challenging their licenses.
I'm with him. Let's sue the bastards before the theocrats take that right away from us, too.