In One Eye

Sunday, April 17, 2005
While Connecticut continues to confront the feds over the pernicious No Child Left Behind law, it looks like Utah is actually ready to junk the whole thing by spurning some serious money from the feds in order to run its education program the way it prefers.

And what is Education Secretary Margaret Spellings' reaction to the rebellion?
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings scrapped a visit to Utah [Friday] that had been intended to help quell an unfolding Republican state legislative revolt against federal control of Utah public schools under the No Child Left Behind Act ...

Mrs. Spellings canceled her visit without explanation.
I mention this not to emphasize the pusillanimous nature of Mrs. Spellings—although that certainly seems apparent here—but to note that Mrs. Spellings is scheduled to meet tomorrow with Connecticut Education Commissioner Betty Sternberg over pretty much the same issue.

Given the Utah episode, the latter meeting may now be problematic.