In One Eye

Monday, April 11, 2005
Today's Roanoke Times actually suggests "dumping the unfunded mandate" if adequate funds aren't supplied by the feds in order for states to fulfill the dictates of the No Child Left Behind Act.
Virginia educators and lawmakers have been justifiably frustrated with the Bush administration's one-size-fits-all No Child Left Behind initiative that superimposes the White House's own onerous - and underfunded - accountability mandate on schools.

Last week, the administration attempted to quell the growing rebellion by offering greater flexibility for states ... that have strong accountability programs already in place ...

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings talked a good game when she sought to assuage educators last week, tossing around promising remarks such as, "This is a new day."

But with few specifics - and no mention of increased resources to fund the sweeping law - Spellings seemed to be largely offering more of the same feel-good talk without substance that has been a hallmark of Bush administration domestic proposals.
This may well be the most strident anti-NCLB editorial I've ever seen. Good for the Roanoke Times.

It sure does look like Connecticut's lawsuit is getting people's attention.