In One Eye

Sunday, April 24, 2005
Meanwhile in Hartford,
[A]ctivists at opposing rallies at the state Capitol on Sunday had something in common: neither side was pleased that the state will sanction same-sex civil unions.

About 3,000 opponents gathered on the Capitol steps to call attention to lawmakers who voted in favor of the legislation and urge people to vote against them in the next election.

Meanwhile, about 80 gay rights activists took part in a mock wedding ceremony, complete with marriage licenses, and criticized civil unions as second-class citizenship.
The act is what's called a compromise and, once upon a time, it was the sine qua non of American politics. Disastrously, though, saboteurs like Gingrich, DeLay, and their ilk with their take no prisoners brand of policy have changed the poltical philosophy so much that people are fearful of compromise lest they be taken advantage of.

You can't please all the people all the time, but you weren't supposed to. Unfortunately, the rules of the political game have changed so much that everyone wishes to be a victor in what has become a heinous zero sum game.

So much for Dear Leader and his cohorts being uniters rather than dividers.