In One Eye

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
In its infinite wisdom and avaricious manner, the state Department of Motor Vehicles announced yesterday that a number of vehicles in the state would have to have their emissions tested twice in two years. (Ordinarily, the testing takes place biennially.) This unique situation was caused by the inability of Agbar, the Rowland-backed company that administers the test, to begin the tests on time last year.

This afternoon, State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wasn't so sure this setup would wash.
Blumenthal said that state law sets a $10 limit on annual emissions tests and $20 for a biennial test.

The law does not seem to allow the state to require motorists to pay $20 in consecutive years, just because they missed an earlier test, he said.

"It may be administratively convenient and financially more profitable, but it seems legally problematic and probably unfair as well," Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal likened it to a patient missing his annual physical, and being required by a doctor to take two the next year.
So, we'll see how this all shakes out.

As usual, the DMV looks like the pikers they are, and Blumenthal looks like the consumer advocate he aspires to be.

To be sure, Blumenthal dropped the ball during the bad old days of our former unctuous governor, but his threat of a lawsuit against the federal Department of Education seems to have energized him.