In One Eye

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
As a follow up to the post immediately below:
[T]his year's version of the State Department's annual report on "Patterns in Global Terrorism" won't include statistics on .... global terrorism.

Officials at Condoleezza Rice's State Department says it's just too complicated, that questions about the methodology in counting terrorist attacks make the statistics the report has always included before suddenly meaningless now. But Larry Johnson, the former CIA analyst and State Department terrorist expert who first broke the story with a post on Counterterrorism Blog, has said from the beginning that the real reason is that the statistics would show that the administration's war on terrorism isn't working ...

Although the State Department says publicly that year-to-year comparisons can't be drawn, department aides who participated in private briefings for congressional aides Tuesday said the statistics revealed a "dramatic uptick" in terrorist attacks.
"Too complicated." Typical, the bastards.

On the same "War Room" page on there's a list of items that may actually indicate that "the Democrats are doing something right."

The list includes the DeLay and Bolton situations, the Social Security debacle, and the resistance of Americans to the Republican-backed "nuclear option."