In One Eye

Sunday, November 16, 2003
Today's news is pretty bad, what with the bombing in Turkey and the helicopters crashing in Iraq.

More distressing, however, is the Bushies' patently transparent plan to get out of Iraq by the beginning of the Republican National Convention. It's clear that the Iraqis cannot govern themselves by that time, but the evacuation is crucial to the Bushies' election aims. If there was any question that the invasion was politically motivated, it has now been surely dispelled.

And the worst part is that, with the cut and run mentality overwhelming the White House, it can now be said that the more than 400 men and women who have died in Iraq died in vain. They were mere cannon fodder for the Bushies' political agenda.

Like it or not, the more than 50,000 of my generation who died in Vietnam also died in vain. It's painful to see the same phenomenon recurring.