In One Eye

Saturday, November 08, 2003
The Senate Intelligence Committee memo flap will no doubt be referred to on tomorrow's talk shows. Moreover, Rush and his ilk are also sure to go nuts over it. And the conservative bloggers have already begun their anti-Democrat diatribes.

Here's the deal though. It's things like this that show just how accurate E.J. Dionne, Jr. is about the real divisiveness now occurring in the US.

That is,
We are divided by region and by race, but above all by party. It's been a long time since partisanship was as deep as it is now. Those states in the South, the Plains and the Rockies that the television networks painted red in 2000 when Bush carried them have become even more Republican. The Gore blue states largely continue their resistance.
What will happen--and what is already happening--is that the red staters are horrified and see this episode as another example of the duplicity--and traitorous nature--of Democrats.

Meanwhile, Democratic apologists--such as Kevin Drum--aver that
There's nothing wrong with [the sentiments expressed in the memo], and it wouldn't have happened if Republicans had been willing to conduct a fair and thorough investigation in the first place.
It's situations like this one that show just how hopeless any unification efforts may be in this huge country of ours. As Dionne states in his column, "Up in Heaven, Abe Lincoln must be shaking his head in astonishment. The country he sought to keep united is pulling apart politically."

Moreover, it's situations like this that seem to indicate that the whole notion of political blogging is a waste of time, since it appears that people will believe what they want to believe, anyway, no matter what facts may be presented to disabuse them of their notions.