In One Eye

Saturday, November 15, 2003
Once again, the Bushies show that they can deliver speeches only to their own focus groups.
Attorney General John Ashcroft credited a contested and criticized anti-terrorism law for helping the government make "quiet steady progress in the war on terror."

Addressing a conservative lawyers group Saturday, Ashcroft said despite all the "hoopla" the law does not infringe on Americans' constitutional rights.
Of course, the Head Homophobe gives no details as to how this "quiet steady progress" is being effected; nor does he demonstrate how our "rights" aren't being diminished.

Fortunately, Clarence Page does, and it isn't pretty.
[T]he FBI ... confirms local Las Vegas newspaper reports that the agency used the Patriot Act's provisions to subpoena financial information about four local politicians and one local businessman, Michael Galardi, the owner of the Jaguars topless dance clubs in southern Nevada and Cheetah's clubs in Las Vegas and San Diego ...

"The Patriot Act was not meant to be just for terrorism," Department of Justice spokesman Mark Corallo told a reporter.
The Attorney General can protest all he wants, but it's clear that the act's repercussions aren't solely international.