In One Eye

Sunday, November 23, 2003
No surprise here.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been collecting information on the tactics, training and organization of antiwar demonstrators, The New York Times reported in Sunday editions.
What did we expect, when the fascist who serves as head of the Department of Justice has already "issued guidelines giving agents authority to attend political rallies, mosques and any other public event"?

However, we're assured that
"The FBI is not interested in individuals who are exercising their constitutional rights of protest," FBI spokesman Bill Carter said. "It's only the groups who would be involved in violent or criminal activity where there would be an interest."

So, somehow, the FBI, which doesn't exactly have a sterling track record when it comes to such appraisals, is going to be able to differentiate between those who are simply "exercising their constitutional rights of protest" and the real bad guys.


All the more reason to get rid of the PATRIOT Act and keep clutching that ACLU membership card.