In One Eye

Saturday, November 29, 2003
Just to show that the US isn't the only country with severe political divisions, here's what happened in Ireland yesterday.
Hard-line political parties on both sides of Northern Ireland's Protestant-Catholic divide triumphed Friday in elections for the local legislature, putting in doubt the future of the power-sharing agreement that lies at the heart of the peace process in the British province.
As bad as the news is, there's a bit of levity in the article:
[Democratic Unionist Party Ian] Paisley's supporters said they would stick to his party's line of no talks with Sinn Fein, whose leaders they accuse of complicity in thousands of deaths. Paisley made that position dramatically clear Thursday. When a journalist for Ulster Television asked if he would speak to Sinn Fein after the election, Paisley grabbed the reporter by the collar with both hands and bellowed: "Do I need to repeat it? Do I need to take you by the neck and say no, I'm not, I'm not talking to Sinn Fein and my party's not talking to Sinn Fein, and anybody that talks to Sinn Fein will be out of my party?"
Now, granted this might be an extreme response to a legitimate query, but don't you think there are times when US politicians would like to do the same thing? Just grab a reporter by the collar and shriek at him? The image is pretty amusing.