In One Eye

Sunday, November 09, 2003
It seems that people are starting to get excited about what President Unelected actually said on the USS Lincoln on May 1. Was it "Combat in Iraq is over" or was it "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended"?

No matter. It now seems that neither statement is true.
US forces launched a fresh offensive on Saddam Hussein loyalists seven months after the former strongman's regime was ousted on April 9, the military said on Sunday.

"Both the number and the intensity of our targeted raids continue to increase as we take the fight to the enemy within the Baathist heartland," US military spokesman George Krivo toldreporters.

In a massive predawn operation, US forces made three raids north of Baghdad and two west of the capital, detaining over 80 what they said former regime loyalists.
Looks like we're back to square one. So, let's start all over again. It certainly looks like Rummy has done so.

Given this new beginning to the conflict, the chances of US forces being drastically reduced a year from now seem remote.