In One Eye

Tuesday, July 01, 2003
For all its attempts, Connecticut continues to look like Fredo Corleone--the member of the family who has brushes with greatness, but who is hardly great himself.

The state lost an icon the other day. Katharine Hepburn finally died. She was 96. The Courant this morning is full of paeans to her, but the stories remind their readers of what a better place Connecticut used to be.

Likewise, Connecticut has been shafted again in the sports world. Miami has decided to depart the Big East football conference, leaving the fate of the entire conference--including its vaunted basketball teams--into question.

And, as if to show just how impotent the state is, its citizens woke up this morning without a budget. The legislators and the governor seem incapable of providing for the general welfare of its citizens.

So, no scandals are occurring, but the stories this morning demonstrate just how weak and inconsequential our little state is becoming.