In One Eye

Friday, June 27, 2003
Why I hate the RIAA, continued.
Music industry groups turned up the volume in their fight against song-swapping over the Internet on Thursday, warning Americans in a full-page newspaper advertisement that they could face legal action.  

The advertisement is part of an aggressive initiative announced Wednesday by the Recording Industry Association of America, which said it plans to sue hundreds of individuals who illegally distribute copyrighted songs over the Internet ...

"Next time you or your kids 'share' music on the Internet, you may also want to download a list of attorneys," a bold print headline said in the advertisement in the New York Times, signed by 13 different music trade groups and associations.

The RIAA was a signatory to the Times ad, which argued that music can be bought online legally without harm to musicians.
It's interesting that the RIAA, which has long complained that file sharing is destroying its industry and concomitant profits, somehow found enough money to pay for a full page ad, which cost at least $50,000, in the most influential newspaper in America.