In One Eye

Friday, June 27, 2003
What's funnier than an NBA draft? Bill Simmons' gloss on one. To wit:
Transcript of Stu Scott's interview with Carmelo's Mom, Mary:

Stu: "I'm here with Mary ... gotta be an emotional moment ... what's running through your mind right now?"

Mom: (Sobs uncontrollably for 10 seconds.)

Stu (leaning closer): "Is this a dream for you?"

Mom: "Yes" (more sobbing).

Stu (practically sitting on her lap): "At one point did you know your son was not just a special person but a special basketball player?"

Mom: "I wanna say ..." (more crying)

Stu: "It's OK ... tears of joy, I'm sure. We'll come back and talk to you later."
Sportswriting doesn't get any better than this.