In One Eye

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
This is sure to get a lot of ink statewide. It's an unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected, situation.
A teacher at The Morgan School is accused of having sex with a female student.

Frank Bencivengo, 34, was arrested Tuesday night at his home in Madison on a charge of 2nd degree sexual assault, police said.

Bencivengo is a teacher and a baseball coach at the high school.

He allegedly had a sexual relationship with the girl that went on for a "period of time," said Police Chief Joseph Faughnan.

The girl was above the biological age of consent, but under Connecticut law it is illegal for a teacher to have sex with a student, Faughnan said.
Above the "biological age of consent" or not, high school teachers can't be diddling around with their students.

Frank's life is over. He'll never teach again. He'll never coach again (and he had an extremely successful tenure as Morgan's baseball coach) and who knows what will happen to his marriage.